How to Avoid Making Mistake of Purchasing Real Estate in Bali

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Real estate in Bali can bring up to 15% per annum in dollars, especially, if you buy it on But it’s not enough just to invest money in a nice villa – you need to know what to look for so as not fail. Here we will look at what mistakes an inexperienced investor can make and how to avoid them.

Mistake 1. Not understanding your needs

“I’ll buy it, and later I’ll think about how I’ll use it.” If you have not fully decided whether you are going to live in a villa: just rent it out to tourists, live in it, or combine both options, then it is better to postpone the purchase until you have a clear understanding.

For example, if you are buying Bali Real Estate for living, you need to immediately think about what will happen to it in your absence, who will guard it (they might simply rob it).

If you rent out, you need to pay attention not so much to personal preferences, but to the demand for a certain type of property and location among tourists.

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If you are making Bali Villa Investments for the combined purpose of living and generating income, you need to build on the demand of tourists so that the house does not stand idle in your absence. It is also worth rationally assessing the development prospects of the area: is there growth potential there and how easy it will be to sell the property.

Mistake 2. Investing in real estate located in any area – “This is Bali”

The analytics and numbers on the real estate market are impressive. It seems that the island is a gold mine where you can invest money and receive high income right now. And it doesn’t matter in which area to buy Villas For Sale in Bali: this is Bali, after all.

However, not taking into account the location and its prospects is a big mistake. The tourist part makes up 1/10 of the island, the infrastructure is developed here, there are growth prospects and options available for purchase.

Housing prices in tourist locations also vary greatly. You can see this for yourself by clicking here.

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Access to the ocean, beaches, style and pace of life – all this must be taken into account when planning a real estate investment.

For example, there are areas like Sanur, where hotels and villas predominate, and there are practically no apartment complexes. That is, buying a villa is a profitable idea, but you need to understand that competition will be high due to the fact that there is an overwhelming majority of such properties and there is a large choice.

Mistake 3. Features of the site and construction permits

Check for building permits and inquire about the land’s zoning information – this will determine whether a certain type of property can be built there. Order a check from local notaries and lawyers: if problems arise with the land or the developer in the future, they may be subject to criminal liability.

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