How to Change Size of a Ring so as not to Spoil It?

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Has the ring become small, or, conversely, large? If you don’t wear this ring every day, you can be patient. Still, if it’s about the engagement ring… You need to do something!

Why you should contact a jeweller?

You can find everything on the Internet, including tips on how to enlarge an engagement ring at home. The authors are not responsible for such tips, but you can use them to ruin a piece of jewellery.

Entrust ring resizing to a professional jeweller. Moreover, even in this case, the responsibility for the decision to reduce the size of the wedding ring always lies with the customer. Choose the performer carefully. There are often own workshops at the jewellery salons of the manufacturer.

Which rings can be resized

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The easiest way is to change the size of classic rings. Rings with inserts, a pattern, combined rings can not always be changed without loss of quality. Moreover, add here models with a thin wall (light in weight), hollow rims (with voids inside), since they are fragile and any adjustments will lead to deformation.

Types of ring changes

The jeweller will evaluate the possibilities of increasing the diameter and make the verdict, voice the possible risks of manipulation. Listen to their advice, and do not insist if they refuse.

You can reduce the wedding ring by adding material to the inside of the rim, the weight is added. It is an expensive method. Find out in advance the Gold Price per Gram in the workshop!

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If the size changes, for example, due to weight fluctuations, you can not change the diameter of the jewellery, but simply add another ring with a slightly smaller diameter to your finger. It is a good support and the best anniversary gift! The main disadvantage here is that the rings rub together. If one of the rings is thin, it will wear out.

Stretching can increase the engagement ring by 1 size maximum. After stretching, the ring must be cleaned and sanded. The weight of the product should be lost minimally.​​​​​​​

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