How to Choose a Laundry Basket for Your Home?

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When choosing a laundry basket, if there is enough room in the room, two-compartment models are preferred (they take up more space). If there is not enough space, you can use a single-compartment basket. But in both cases, it’s best to choose one with a lid.

Metal laundry baskets are more durable, but plastic ones don’t corrode and weigh less (they’re convenient to carry around). Don’t buy cheap baskets that often have flimsy covers that are prone to breaking.

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What shape should you choose?

You want to buy a bathroom basket from SONGMICS HOME that will store dirty laundry and not take up too much space while also looking good. Many manufacturers rely on this and offer at least 3 options: a circular laundry basket, a rectangular one, and a corner basket. A corner basket can also be rectangular as it fits into a corner of the room. However, size is also important. Circular laundry baskets are often made of plastic or stainless steel.

What are laundry basket functions

The laundry basket has several functions that are closely intertwined with each other.

The first function is aesthetics. A laundry basket will prevent you and your guests from looking at a pile of dirty clothes piled up on the floor near the washing machine.

The second function is space saving. Unlike a heap of dirty clothing forming on the ground, a stack of clothes in a basket can’t grow indefinitely.

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An additional function of the system is systematizing. Only laundry storage with two compartments has this feature. They allow you to divide the laundry into dark and light groups (laying it out in the two compartments) which cannot be mixed in the washing machine even before washing begins.

The main thing is that this basket is convenient to use and fits into the interior of the bathroom.

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