How to Use Flower Pots in Landscape Design?

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Most backyard owners try to use a large number of unusual decorative elements, with which they complement the landscape design.

One of these elements are flower pots, in which you can organize a miniature garden. Such an unusual solution will transform the backyard.

The role of flower pots in landscape design

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Flower pots in landscape design are not only decorative, but also practical. When making flower arrangements in the backyard and when you buy garden planters in UK, you need to take into account many points. First of all, the idea should be defined so that the overall picture of the area is combined with the stylistic solution of pots.

Most people design original miniature alpine slides, which are complemented by small stones and stunted plants. You can also design a “magic” garden, which will include dwarf trees and shrubby plants. Often people organize a miniature garden in the form of a desert oasis to give the surrounding area an unusual and contrast. You can also buy trough planters and decorate the parking area.

How to arrange flower pots?

flower pots outside
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The main feature of flower pots is their location in any place, regardless of the area of the territory. If the pots are boring, then they can easily be moved to another place, thereby changing the concept of landscape design of the site. At the onset of the first severe frosts, the pots are brought into a heated room or covered with non-woven fabric.

You can buy rectangular planters and place flower pots not only along garden paths, but also on the porch of a residential building. They also decorate the coastline of decorative reservoirs, which are located in the garden.  Thanks to the mobility of flower pots in the backyard, you can implement a large number of interesting design ideas.

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