Understanding versa-lifts: Revolutionising Material Handling Equipment

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What is a versa-lift?

A versa-lift is a type of material handling apparatus. Versa lifts are purposefully designed to handle and transport heavy loads. versa-lifts are known for their strength and versatility. They come in different models, each with unique features.

Different Models of versa-lift

  1. 40/60 versa-lift: Introduced in 1994, this was the first model. It was designed for Taylor Crane and Rigging.
  2. 60/80 versa-lift: Launched in 1998, it can lift up to 80,000 pounds.
  3. 25/35 versa-lift: Released in 2000, it is more compact and can lift up to 35,000 pounds. It is perfect for machinery moving, die handling, and paper roll handling.
  4. 100/140 versa-lift: Introduced in 2003, this model can lift up to 140,000 pounds. It offers an alternative to using a gantry system.
  5. 17/25 versa-lift: Launched in 2017, it has a small wheelbase and high lifting capacity.
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Who Owns versa-lift?

versa-lift is owned by Custom Mobile Equipment, Inc. In 1993, Gary Dick founded the Versa-Lift company. The goal was to design and build material handling equipment.

History of Custom Mobile Equipment, Inc.

The company started in Lawrence, Kansas. They rented space from Cutler Repaving. Soon, they moved to Baldwin City, Kansas, where they are still located today. Their first machine, the 40/60 versa-lift, was created for Jim Taylor of Taylor Crane and Rigging.

As the company grew, they introduced more models. The 60/80 came in 1998, the 25/35 in 2000, the 100/140 in 2003, and the 17/25 in 2017. Each model was designed to meet specific needs in the market.

Versa-lift’s Impact on the Industry

versa-lifts have transformed the material handling industry. They provide a reliable and efficient way to lift heavy loads. This saves time and money for businesses. versa-lifts are used in many industries, including machinery moving and die handling.

Key Benefits of versa-lift

  • Efficiency: versa-lifts make lifting heavy loads quick and easy.
  • Versatility: Different models can handle various tasks. Many choose to hire versa-lift models depending on their individual project needs.
  • Cost Savings: Businesses save money by using versa-lifts instead of other lifting systems.


The Future of Versa-Lift

Versalifts have changed the game when it comes to handling heavy loads. With a solid history and exciting future, they’re a top choice in the material handling world. Whether you need to move machinery or handle heavy materials, there’s likely a Versalift model that fits your needs perfectly. Here’s to the continued innovation and success of these impressive machines!

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