What is VIN Decoder

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Many automakers use the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to identify vehicles with the help of VIN decoder. The structure of such verification is determined by international standards.

You need to know that VIN decoder is a secure vehicle identification that cannot be falsified and is assigned forever. The VIN code of any car that has been registered can be checked online.

For what

The VIN code serves not only as a classifier and identifier for the vehicle, but also as security against theft. This code includes letters and numbers that cannot be changed, because when creating a unique code, a control number is calculated and it is impossible to guess it.

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Also, for drivers, this code is a check that shows whether the car is stolen. From the VIN lookup you can find out information about the manufacture of the vehicle, where and when it was produced and what equipment it received.


The code is based on a single system – the international standard ISO 3779. VIN decoder is indicated on the body or chassis, or on special number plates – nameplates. The code includes 17 characters, which consist of Arabic numbers and Latin letters (except Q, O, I). The letters Q, O, I are not used because Q, O are similar to each other, and I is similar to the number 1.

Parts of the code

The first part of the code represents geographic data: the country code (the first character) and the manufacturer code (the next two characters). It completely includes three signs.

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The second part includes six characters that show the characteristics of the car: model, body type, transmission, installed engine and specification (for example, equipment level).

The third part is the most important and consists of eight characters. The first character indicates the year of manufacture, the next – the serial number of the vehicle.


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