When You Need Sports Insurance

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You can enter almost all kinds of sports and outdoor activities in Insurance for sports for an adult.

There are the most common injuries during sports: bruises, fractures, dislocations and other physical injuries of varying severity. At the same time, injuries happen quite often, which is why you need to include specific sports in the accident insurance, otherwise, if an accident occurs, the insurance company may not pay you anything. For the same reason (frequent injuries), an accident insurance policy is a prerequisite for athletes who want to go to a competition.

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What is covered by insurance for competitions?

Insurance of athletes (and ordinary people who are fond of sports) works like this:

  • are you buying an insurance policy for yourself or someone else,
  • if an insured event occurs, fix it by contacting a doctor,
  • get a certificate of injury,
  • collect documents and submit them to the insurance company,
  • after that, you receive a payout.

And you can already cover any expenses with money: medications, trips to paid doctors, surgeries, rehabilitation, life support for the time of disability.

As for the price, it is influenced by: age, type(s) of sport, amount of insurance coverage. Note that it doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete or buy a training policy. As for the payments, they are calculated as a % of the amount of insurance coverage for each injury, the lists with the percentage of payments take up dozens of pages. You can read about them in detail in your insurance policy.

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Important advice

If you are going to a competition, take insurance not only for the day of the competition itself, but also for a couple of days before and after the competition. Before competitions, athletes often set themselves daily workouts to be in good shape, and the chances of injury increase. After the competition, a tired body can suddenly let you down, and the cause of the injury will not be the load during the competition, but an unsuccessfully placed leg (and, as a result, a dislocation) the next day.

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