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For those who have already begun to build their lives in England or simply become sympathetic to the British mentality and wonderful culture, the refusal to issue or extend a British visa can be a real tragedy. How to appeal UK visa refusal?

So, if you have been refused a visa from the British consulate, an appeal will be an option only in situations strictly regulated by law — in case of refusal of a Marriage visa for UK, as well as for some European applications based on European rules.

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When the applicant receives a letter notifying of the refusal of a visa to the UK, it must indicate further options for which you have the right to appeal this decision. In fact, if you cannot appeal in the UK, you will have to choose from two options:

  • Administrative review of the decision;
  • Submitting a new application.

If an appeal is not possible: what is an administrative review of the decision?

If it is not possible to file an appeal in the UK, applicants for a representative visa, an investor visa, a work visa, as well as European applications based on British law, may request an administrative review of the negative decision.

In this case, you cannot attach any new documents (unless the British authorities themselves require it) and your case will be reviewed taking into account the papers that you originally submitted.

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There are two ways to apply for a review of the decision to refuse to issue an English visa, depending on where you are located:

  • In the UK within 14 days after receiving the letter. An application for administrative review can be made both online and submitted to the relevant authorities in person — all details are indicated in the rejection letter;
  • Abroad — in this case, you can submit an electronic application for administrative review via the Internet within 28 days after receiving the letter.

Nota bene! When applying for a review of a decision after a visa refusal, you need to write a detailed cover letter indicating the mistakes made during the consideration of your case. Sometimes it is quite difficult to do this without having a legal education. Therefore, it is best to enlist the support of a qualified specialist who will help you draft the document correctly.

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